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River Partners 4-day Birding Competition - New

$25 Adult

Wednesday-Saturday, Jan. 24-27, 2018

See the map below for directions

Walking, could involve distance but largely flat A true adventure trip, lots of driving and hiking


Get your competitive juices flowing by visiting any (or all) of over 15 riparian restoration sites in the Sacramento Valley. These sites were all restored by the non-profit group, River Partners, and the contest is to see who can find the most bird species on one or more of the projects. The competition will be open from Wednesday through Saturday, January 24-27, with an award being handed out at Saturday night’s banquet. This is for fun (and a nice prize!), but the real reward is getting out to see how critical habitat is being created and conserved for birds and other species.

Details and Rules

  • Download the Checklist of Birds of the Central Valley California
  • To register online for this multi-day event, look under Wednesday’s Field Trips
  • Start time: Wednesday, January 24, 6:00 am
  • End time: Saturday, January 27, 2:00 pm
  • Your completed bird list needs to be dropped off at the River Partners exhibit booth at the Snow Goose Festival Headquarters, 1110 W East Ave, Chico, by 2:00 pm, Saturday, January 27.
  • Please have your name, contact numbers, and email on your bird checklist (your own or the provided bird list) for this competition. Staff at the Rive Partners booth will oversee all the lists and see who has the highest total of bird species found on the restorations sites.
  • An award will be handed out at Saturday night’s banquet. You do not have to be present at the banquet to receive the award.
  • Have fun!

2018 Snow Goose Festival: River Partners Restoration Birding Sites

From North to South


  • Turtle Bay 1: This 215 acre restoration project is located 200 yards from the north end of the Sundial Bridge. There is a hiking/biking loop trail which circles the project.
  • Turtle Bay 2: The 76-acre Turtle Bay Bird Sanctuary is located behind and just east of the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. There is a network of hiking/biking trails.
  • Turtle Bay 3: This small project was part of the City of Redding’s Sacramento River Parkway Project. The project lies directly adjacent to the southwest corner of the Interstate 5 corridor and Highway 44 interchange.

Battle Creek

  • Battle Creek 1: In conjunction with a Ducks Unlimited wetlands project, River Partners planted 21 acres of riparian habitat along the Oak Tree Trail of the Battle Creek Wildlife Area in Shasta County. The parking area and trailhead is approximately 1-mile west of the Coleman National Fish Hatchery.
  • Battle Creek 2: River Partners restored 30 acres within the Tompkin’s Unit of the Battle Creek Wildlife Area. The parking area and trailhead is located immediately south of where Jelly’s Ferry Road crosses Battle Creek, on the opposite side of the road from the historic bridge.


  • Lindo Channel: This may be River Partner’s smallest restoration project. At just over a quarter acre, the Lindo Channel site is just southwest of where Highway 99 crosses the channel. The parking area is at the end of Sheridan Avenue.

Glenn County

  • Ord Bend: This is the project that started it all. This 111 acre site was the first completed restoration project for River Partners. The parking area for the Ord Bend Unit of the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge is on Ord Ferry Road, just west of the Sacramento River.
  • Bernard Flynn Wildland Preserve: Originally called Del Rio, prior to being named in honor of River Partners’ co-founder Barney Flynn, the parking area for this 234 acre site is at the intersection of Road 50 and Road Y in Glenn County.
  • Drumheller Slough: This 200-acre restoration is part of the Drumheller Slough Unit of the Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge. There are several parking areas along Road 67.


  • Colusa State Recreational Area: This 145-acre restoration is located a short walk north of the boat ramp in the City of Colusa.

Feather River

  • Messick Lake: This 65-acre site was planted as part of the Feather River Levee Setback Project. Public access for the levee setback area is from Country Club Road off of Feather River Boulevard, and takes you over the levee immediately southeast of the project area.
  • Abbott Lake: This is a chance to see a restoration project still being implemented. The 169-acre restoration is a short walk from the parking area on Star Bend Road, off of Garden Highway.
  • O’Connor Lakes: This project is located from the same parking area as Abbott Lake. The entrance road/trail for the 181-acre restoration is approximately 1/2 mile down the levee and south of the parking area.
  • Bear River: The levee setback along the Feather River continues up the north side of the Bear River. The parking area for this 639 acre restoration is at the end of Road 512 off of Feather River Boulevard.


  • SAFCA 4029 and 4109: There are several restoration projects along the newly strengthened levee which borders Garden Highway, near the Sacramento International Airport. The two easiest to access are located on Rio Ramaza Drive off of West Riego Road. There is street parking available and approximately 41 acres to explore.